Our Research Services

Our Research Services

DotUP Research offers a wide spectrum of services and solutions. Our in-depth domain understanding and highly researched consulting framework enable our clients the flexibility to excel in the dynamic business environment. We have considerable expertise in the field of Business Consulting, Start-Ups, Business Plans, Business & Market Research, Financial Planning, and Business Processes.

Our business planning services are aligned with the dynamic business landscape. Our in house research and learning helps us to constantly update ourselves with the ever-changing business trends. We offer a competitive edge to our clients with our specialized services.

DotUP Research believes in the end to end vision of its clients’ goal. We not only strategize but also helps in organizing the process and implementing the best practices. Our complimentary business units enable us to be a one-stop solution to all the challenges that our client faces. Our services are briefly described below:

Business Planning

DotUP Research specializes in drafting extensively detailed business plans for start-ups and small & medium businesses. Our services offer a unique blend that combines advisory, consulting and business planning documentation.

Startup Consulting

DotUP Research is a niche management consulting firm dedicated to the field of startup consulting and business planning. DotUP Research supports entrepreneurs and businesses with valuable industry insights.

Feasibility Study

DotUP Research provides an end-to-end solution to startups and entrepreneurs, which includes a comprehensive feasibility study of any project or venture. The team at DotUP Research has extensive experience across multiple domains.

Market Research

DotUP Research has a comprehensive research framework specialized for startups. Our research methodology includes the collection, measurement, and analysis of various business trends relevant to the venture or project.

Marketing Plan

Our team of domain experts and marketing champions analyzes your business, look into market trends and create customized marketing plans, to ensure that your brand reaches out to consumers in a professional manner.

Business Ideation

Starting a business is often a life-changing event. For some, it is an entry into the real world, while for others it is “the next logical step”, having worked and gained a level of expertise in specific business functions or domains.

Investor Presentation

DotUP Research specializes in creating relevant, to the point and attractive investor presentations that can create the impression your venture deserves that are easy to understand and keep your audience engaged to your pitch.

Investment Proposal

DotUP Research helps businesses and entrepreneurs with a comprehensive investment proposal which includes a business plan, executive summary, investor presentation, and financial projections along with valuations.

Startup Funding

DotUP Research support startups and small businesses through the fund seeking process with the help of our consulting support and guidance. We advise businesses across all stages on their funding requirements.

Business Plan Design

DotUP Research helps you to create attractive business plans through its business plan design services that can be printed out or shared online. A designed plan ensures the attention your business plan deserves.

Business Plan Review

DotUP Research provides a dedicated business plan scrutiny, review, and business plan enhancement services for entrepreneurs who have already written a business plan or have an old business plan of their venture.

Implementation Support

DotUP Research offers “end to end” implementation support to entrepreneurs and businesses. Our team of consultants is equally apt in providing implementation support to new and established organizations.