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As the events of 2020 saw fewer human interactions, digital communication has grown. There was a surge in social media users in terms of both consumers and marketers. More and more companies are shifting from traditional marketing methods (such as print ads, TV etc.) to social media marketing. This shift for small businesses might seem intimidating as the platform has become more competitive and complicated. However, a well-thought strategy might soothe out the journey. So we have developed a comprehensive guide for you to plan out your next social media marketing strategy.

Setting objectives

The first step is to define timebound objectives. For instance, increasing 1000 additional followers on Instagram in three months. A target date is important as it will keep you motivated and focused on reaching the set goal. Also, a definite objective will keep you on the right track and you won’t feel lost. These objectives will establish a foundation for your strategy. One important thing to remember here is to set realistic goals. Unrealistic or impractical goals will only slow you down in reaching your ultimate goal.

Creating content

The most significant part of any marketing strategy is content. Many elements are involved while curating content, such as the theme, colours, font and pictures. And you need to keep the theme consistent unless there is a major change in the business or if you want to show your support to a cause. For example, Apple’s Instagram page is mostly filled with vibrant photos clicked on an iPhone. Similarly, your content should be in conjunction with your brand. The content doesn’t have to be serious all the time. It should have a combination of memes, customer feedback and product information. So now the important question arrives, what is trending in 2021? Instagram Reels have been the highlight of 2021, as we mentioned before. Your strategy should be to curate a 1-min video that either detail your product or a sneak peek behind the scenes.

Researching target audience

Knowing your audience will give you an impressive edge in the market. Most of the information about your audience is already available through social media analytical tools. An important thing to identify here is to examine which platform to use to target which segment of your audience. As per our research, Instagram is the most popular social media tool for marketers to target Gen Z. ALso, you would notice recently many small businesses have opened up during the lockdown, and many are using the reels section extensively to expand their audience. Youtube is widely used by the Millennials, so it’s a great platform to place ads. Do your research properly before diving into anything further. However, in few cases, this is not enough. You would require additional help to get sure shot results. DotUP specializes in digital marketing and our professionals have intensive experience in the field to get you your desired results. We would offer you a personalized digital marketing strategy, a dedicated account manager, marketing analytics, audience-based content (blogs, posts etc.) and much more at a cost worth spending.

Engaging with the audience

Simply posting pictures/videos/ads is not enough if you want to increase your audience. Engagement with them is imperative. For example, replying to a distressed customer on Twitter makes them feel seen and heard, and it improves the brand image automatically. People love to have an opinion about anything and everything, hence Instagram Polls are highly popular to not only know your audience but also to keep them from visiting your page again and again.

Evaluating the strategy implemented continuously

Marketing strategies should be assessed from time to time for you to know what is working and what isn’t. Based on this, the marketing strategy should be modified according to the analytics. For example, weekly examine which post is mostly viewed and try to curate content that is somewhat similar to garner more views. Assessment of your marketing strategy as a novice might be challenging. A professional would provide more insights than you. As a leading social media management company in the Bay Area with a strong focus on creativity and innovation, we have a team of analysts who would be the right fit to give you insights on your strategy that would be profitable.